About Us:

We’d love to show you the award-winning training techniques we use to help children and adults of all ages. Because we train the cognitive skills the brain uses to think and learn, many of our clients are struggling students, although career and senior adults also benefit from what we do. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have, so please call, stop by, or email us at edenprairie.mn@learningrx.net for our Eden Prairie location, maplegrove@learningrx.net for our Maple Grove location, and shoreview@learningrx.net for our Shoreview location.

Why not find out what LearningRx can do for you or someone you love? The first step is scheduling a Cognitive Skills Assessment to discover if any weak cognitive skills might be making life harder than it needs to be. Call us today to get started!

Meet Our Staff

Baird is the Executive Director and owner of LearningRx in Eden Prairie. He came to be involved with LearningRx as he and his wife searched for solutions for their oldest daughter’s reading problems. Together, they opened the Eden Prairie location in October of 2008, as the first LearningRx in Minnesota. They have since opened two additional locations in Maple Grove and Shoreview.

We invite you to visit the Eden Prairie brain training center at or contact us via phone at (952) 949-6900.

Nate is the Director of Training and works at all three of our centers in Eden Prairie, Maple Grove and Shoreview. He began his time with LearningRx in 2008 as a trainer in Eden Prairie. Nate's degree is in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy and he has always been interested in neuro-science. Along with his duties as the Director of Training, he assists in planning meetings and training for all trainers. Nate also administers assessments and meets with families to ensure success in every student’s program.

Libby is the Director of First Impressions in Vadnais Heights. She has been with the LearningRx Vadnais Heights team since they opened in 2012. Since then, Libby has tirelessly organized the Vadnais Heights center, and has excelled as community liaison, contacting local schools, doctors, and other professionals to promote LearningRx in the community.